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Questions & Answers

What is Dichroic Glass?
The technical definition of dichroism is an optical effect observed in certain
crystalline materials, in which two different colors are seen when the crystals are
viewed in different directions. Dichroism is observed only in colored materials,
more so in deeply colored than in pale substances. The base, or preliminary
of dichroic glass is identified by viewing the glass straight on in transmitted
When the glass is turned to 45 degrees, the glass shifts to its secondary
color. When there is no transmitted light, the coating becomes a third color in
This is the main reason it is difficult to explain or photograph the
mysterious beauty of the alternating colors. When dealing with dichroics, we refer
to either Additive (red, green & blue) or Subtractive (yellow, magenta & cyan)
colors. To obtain a green transmission of light, both red & blue rays need to be
reflected. The right combination of red & blue can appear pink. When the conditions
of light are such that you can see through the glass, and the color is green, the
same piece will appear pink when looking at the reflection.

Manufacturing Dichroic Glass
The base glass is polished with rouge, then cleaned to the molecular level
with several types of solvents. The glass is then coated with extremely thin
films of elements, such as titanium, magnesium, zirconium, etc. The elements
are evaporated and vacuum deposited onto the glass to such a fine degree of
thickness that certain wavelengths of light will pass through and others will
be reflected. The light rays which do get through the coated glass appear to
take on the color characteristics of the coating. Up to twenty layers of materials
such as Beryllium, Chromium, Selenium, Yttrium and Tin are used. The Laws of
Refraction as well as the differences in Refractive Indexes between air, glass,
and the coating layers dictate how and why the glass changes color when viewed
from different angles.

Dichroic Glass Color Relationships:

Transmitted color is the color you see when looking through the glass, if
it is on black glass the transmitted color is completely absorbed and only
the reflected color is viewed. The reflected color is the color reflected
back or not absorbed by the glass. Shift color is the change in the reflection
color of the glass after it has been heated; dichroic glass shifts towards the
next lighter color traveling towards the purple end of the spectrum. The shift
depends on the highest temperature the glass is exposed to, how long the exposure
is, the particular coating used and how many times the glass has been fired.
Viewing the raw glass at a 45 degree angle gives a representation of the
color achieved after firing.

[1] Transmitted Color - [2] Shift Color - [3] Reflected Color
Magenta - shifts to Yellow - reflects Teal Green. Blue - shifts to Magenta - reflects Gold.
Cyan - shifts to Turquoise - reflects Red Orange. Yellow -shifts to Clear - reflects Blue.
Purple Red - shifts to Orange - reflects Silver Blue. Orange - shifts to Yellow Orange -
reflects Blue. Green - shifts to Blue - reflects Hot Pink. Yellow Green - shifts to
Turquoise - reflects Violet.

Dichroic Glass is Fascinating to Me

"I have been specializing in dichroic glass for many years being unlimitedly
fascinated by its elusive properties of multidimensional iridescence and
opaline depth. I am enjoying trying to break boundaries and use dichroic glass
in different manifestations. Piecing intricate designs together further the already
multidimensional dichroic properties. I have a lot of pleasure incorporating the
22 K gold decals of icons over many of my designs to form my themes and various
familiar iconic scenes." "I am hoping my customers share in the strong meaning and
find personal identification with my jewelry pieces. Please enjoy browsing through
my site and thank you for visiting." Kim DiJulio

Molten Ice Dichroic Fused Glass Creations
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Themes: The Sea | Horses | Cats | Birds | Safari Animals | Dance
Hearts | Flowers & Plants | Religion

Category Index

    INDEX of our Categories:

  • Pendants/Abstract - Fiery multi-colored dichroic fused glass pendants in unusual &
        unique abstract shapes and designs.
  • Pendants/Icons - Dichroic pendants with 22k Gold iconic themes: the Sea, Horses,
        Safari Animals, Birds, Cats, Flowers, Insects & Plants, Snowflakes, Feathers, Hearts,
        & Dance, Humanity and Religion.
  • Dichroic Earrings - Fabulous selection of dichroic glass earrings that will get you raves.
        Pierced earrings from posts to drops of showstopping styles. Email for clip-ons.
  • Beaded Necklaces - A beautiful dichroic glass centerpiece incorporated into a color
        coordinated beaded necklace.
  • Dichroic Channel Beads - Dichroic pendants with a permanent hole fused within the
        pendant for a metal-free permanent channeled pendant bead. String it on leather, silk,
        ribbons or chains!
  • Wirewrapped - Fused dichroic cabochons creatively wrapped in sterling silver or gold-
        filled wire forming a cage that doubles for a bail.
  • Molten Ice Gifts - Dichroic glass embellishments on wine bottle stoppers, belt buckles,
        letter openers, purse holders and many more great ideas.

Questions & Answers

  • How Do I Order?   When you decide on your order feel free to either
    CALL US at 1-970-464-1193 and order over the phone Monday - Saturday 12noon - 5:00pm
    or EMAIL US at and we can call you at your convenience.
    We accept VISA, MC, Discover and major bank debit cards.
  • How Do You Ship?   USPS Priority is the usual, Fed Ex and UPS are available
    upon request. Ships within three days, arrives in a sweet gift box.
  • What Is Your Guarantee?   All my glass jewelry is guaranteed to arrive in perfect
    condition and are guaranteed for life from manufacturing defects. I can not guarantee the
    glass from breakage, but I can always try to repair broken items for a nominal fee. I use
    sterling silver, gold-filled or niobium wire for earwires and wirewrapping. If you don't love
    it, send it back, after receiving a return code, for a full refund, minus shipping, within two
    weeks. Refund is initiated after item is received by us. Return shipping is paid by buyer.
  • Do You Do Special Orders?   Yes! I love a challange! I can design something
    unique or try to recreate one of my designs in a different color or shape. Just ask.
  • Do the 22K Gold Decals Last?   Yes! I melt the gold decals into the glass and
    the image will last for its lifetime, whether it is inside under a cover of glass or exposed on
    top of the glass.
  • Does Glass Jewelry Ever Break?   Yes it can! Properly annealed glass is
    very strong but caution should always used
    and precaution; store your piece of jewelry
    carefully to protect from breakage and scratching, best to protect glass pendants from
    swinging wildly into surfaces, take care when wearing glass cabochon rings, especially be
    gentle with pairs of dangling glass earrings.
    Some designs are more artistic;
    I may compromise the structure for a cool idea, maybe
    thinner for a special effect - these styles will have an obvious forewarning written in the
    description, then extra care should be taken to insure their safety.

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