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Dichroic Jewelry; Pendants, Earrings, Gifts

Kim DiJulio Designs Presents: www. i LUV jewelry .com

Molten Ice Dichroic Jewelry | Blast Glass Art Glass Jewelry
Remember This - Retro | Silver Shrine Gold Mine

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About Kim DiJulio Designs

Kim DiJulio has developed four distinct lines of jewelry:

Molten Ice Dichroic Glass Jewelry, Blast Glass Fused Art Glass Jewelry,
Remember This - Retro
& Silver Shrine Gold Mine.

"My love of melting, fusing and manipulating glass, one of my muses, thrills me to work within this
wonderful medium, along with the muses metal work and beading, all stimulating my overactive
imagination to new heights. I especially love sharing small moments in time, little pieces of nature
and icons that are meaningful to people. A little something to wear to remind you throughout the
day of the beauty of the world; all the plants and animals, the sea and sky, abstracts, formal and
informal, classic and wild ... many surprises - celebrating the duality in life."
WWW.ILUVJEWELRY.COM is Offering Something for Everyone:

Molten Ice Dichroic is my fused dichroic glass line offering fascinating pendants with
many designed into beaded necklaces, many with matching colorful chains or ribbons
whether in abstract or celebrating a favorite theme. Check out my fabulous dichroic fused
glass earrings
in gold, silver and niobium ear wires. I also offer dichroic glass embellished
gifts like letter openers, purse holders, book marks, wine stoppers, belt buckles and more.
I offer many themes like 22K gold and platinum decals, permanently melted into glass
of the sea, horses, safari animals, flowers, birds & insects, cats and many other icons.
Blast Glass Fused Art Glass Jewelry has fantastically brightly colored fun styles in dangling
earrings or romantic themes in beaded necklaces and chokers. Sets are available as special orders.
Remember This - Retro has retro jewelry like memory wire multi-strand beaded bangles,
elastic bangles, romantic necklaces chokers; in pearls, cloisonne and old fashioned beads.
Emerging Silver Shrine Gold Mine with hand wrought sterling silver, PMC fine silver & gold metalwork.
"I think as an innovator and I am just scratching the surface of my imagination. I am offering my
selection of one-of-a-kind artist designed jewelry and gifts priced between fair to extravagant to
be salable to all. Enjoy my shop! Please bookmark my site and keep visiting to see what is new."
WWW.ILUVJEWELRY.COM is a sister company to Vital Wonders, LLC, the founding company. Vital Wonders
started as a fashion forward therapeutic magnetic jewelry company which has grown into many diverse lines.
" The art of jewelry making does not diminish my adamant belief of the power of magnetism
and how it affects the body and health. I know how magnetism has improved
my quality of life and what I want to do is bring relief to others too - and bestow
good looks at the same time. "
To find more information on Magnetic Therapy click here. Please visit my site Vital Wonders and check out my
great fashion forward designs for magnetic therapy.


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